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Crossley Law was founded in 2009 by the firm’s head lawyer, Adela Crossley. Prior, Adela gained substantial experience as a staff lawyer with a Legal Aid clinic, where she serviced clients in all areas of immigration and family law throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Her passion for excellent and specialized service compelled her to obtain a Master’s Degree in Administrative Law, and a 2nd Master’s Degree in Family Law, enabling her to effectively provide complete and fulsome immigration & family legal services, as both areas of law intersect one another on a regular basis.


Since its’ opening, Crossley law has expanded considerably, from a sole practitioner-based office, to a mid-size law firm in Toronto (North York), Ontario.

From its’ lawyers to support staff, the team at  Crossley Law has intimate and specialized knowledge in all areas of Immigration Law, from Refugee Protection Claims to Economic and Business-based Applications. Our team has prior experience at refugee centres, settlement agencies, legal aid clinics, and other institutions which helped build our reputation for effective advocacy in all areas of immigration law. In addition, our lawyers handle specialized family matters, including Children’s Aid and Hague Convention Applications. This specialized knowledge is used to assist in many immigration-based applications, in addition to providing legal and consultant services to the Mexican and other Consulates within Canada.

The majority of our firms’ members established themselves from abroad, and worked diligently to build their foundation here in Canada. Our team uses their intimate and personal circumstances in working through the immigration system in Canada to offer specialized and efficient representation in all areas of Immigration Law. Our firm has effectively advocated several leading cases in both Immigration and Family Law, and we maintain the highest standards in handling any case, big or small, with meticulous attention and care.

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